Our mission is to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate women in the Upper Cumberland Region.

The Upper Cumberland Women’s Club was founded by Linda Brooks Jones and Andrea Burckhard. In early 2009, these ladies were sharing an afternoon together trying to find a way to help the ladies of the Upper Cumberland area blossom. Linda and Andrea both know the value of having close relationships with others, and especially women friends who understand the same issues faced by fellow women. The ladies of the Upper Cumberland are truly treasures. This organization was formed to help inspire these ladies to greater heights, educate them on important topics,  and motivate each lady to be the best she can possibly be.

Every other month, the ladies will meet at various locations (see event locations) across the Cumberland Plateau/Upper Cumberland area. The area isn’t precisely defined and any lady is welcome to participate. Guest speakers are arranged according to the interest expressed by those wishing to attend. Suggestions are welcomed. Just drop an e-mail to ucwomensclub@gmail.com. At each meeting, those in attendance are warmly welcomed and asked to introduce themselves. The guest speaker is allowed to share her presentation. There is a time allotted for networking/visiting and sharing of brochures, business cards, etc. Any business that needs to be discussed will also be presented. The meetings are generally held to an hour and a half and reasonably priced at around $15 each.

At this time, membership isn’t required to come to the luncheons, but is appreciated. However, it takes time and money to coordinate the luncheons. Therefore a membership package has been formulated. For $25/year, you become a member of the Upper Cumberland Women’s Club. As an additional benefit to you, we will include your business name, 400 word description, and picture (jpg) on the website. These funds will help pay the costs of coordinating these events, website building and maintenance, and will offer opportunities for scholarships in the near future with participation. One of the key benefits that is hoped that membership brings is a greater sense of the value of the women of this great region through education about issues directly related to them, to motivate them to make a difference in their world, and inspire them to reach greater heights.

Join Us Today!
Benefits Include:
Great Regional Networking & Friendship Opportunities
Learning Experiences through Guest Speakers
Excellent Outings (costs of meals is additional)
400 word description of your business or organization
on the Club website including name, link, and 1 picture (jpg)
All this for just $25/year!

Linda Brooks Jones (co-founder UCWC) / Grey Gables Bed & Breakfast
Andrea V. Burckhard (co-founder UCWC) / Andrea V. Burckhard

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